The Nord Fork

  • Description

Nord Forks are manufactured and shipped from a rural area and expedited shipping is not available. 

Includes Nord Fork, pin and rope. Inner tube not included.


Canadian Residents...
Please call 1.800.381.4848 before placing an order


Authentic "Nord Forks" made by the Inventor

  • Eliminates the need for flankers
  • Saves time & money
  • Less stress on your ground crew and cattle
  • This is the original Nord Fork


How The Fork Works
  • As the heeler drags the calf past you, place the fork behind the calf's ears, with the big loop in front of his nose
  • The heeler stretches him out
  • An inner tube between the pin and the calf eliminates the jerk when the rope tightens and the calf goes down.
  • With the calf stretched out, your crew can go to work
  • The fork holds the calf securely, but will not choke him. 
  • Pull the handle forward and the fork comes right off.