Vendor Inquiries


How the Cattle Range Mercantile works for the Vendors

                The Mercantile wants to feature products that are meant for hard working ranching people whether the product is meant for processing cattle or if it’s meant for wearing, we want it! All of our products are drop shipped from the vendor, meaning that the Mercantile DOES NOT keep products in stock in our own warehouse. We simply feature a vendor’s product online for our customers to order and the vendor will ship the product to the customer once ordered.


Product Pricing

  • Vendors can send us a product catalog or have us view products online with the wholesale price of products.
  • The vendor can pick the products that they want the Mercantile to feature or they can give us a product catalog and let the Mercantile choose which items to feature.



  • For products that have a set shipping fee, we can add the fixed shipping fee on to the wholesale price. For items that the shipping varies we will need the weight and dimensions of the products. Vendors can give us the type of shipping for a product such as UPS or USPS.
  • Some vendors also have a cost for drop-shipping, if a vendor does have an extra cost for drop-shipping we need to know that price.



  • When a customer orders a product, an email will be sent to the Mercantile. Vendors can choose whether to be emailed, faxed, or called with the order.
  • The Mercantile will be paid in full at the time of the order. See Vendor Payments for how vendors will be paid for the cost of products sold on the Mercantile.
  • Once a Vender has shipped the order we would like for the vendor to email us that the order has been shipped for the convenience of our customers.
  • Customers will not be able to contact vendors; they will always go through the Mercantile. If there is a problem with an order the Mercantile will contact the vendor.


Vendor Payments

  • Vendors have the choice to send an invoice to the Mercantile after each order or send an invoice at the end of each month. Invoices are primarily paid at the end of each month but if a vendor would like to be paid differently, please contact the Mercantile.


For questions or additional information about the Mercantile, Drop-Shipping, or becoming a Vendor please contact The Cattle Range Mercantile at 1-800-381-4848 or


Thank You for your Business!!