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GLA M950H Thermometer Package

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M950H Thermometer Pkg Right Angle Probe Options:
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  • Description

The M950H is the first major redesign for a GLA since 2005. The M950 is designed to be used in feedlots, dairies, universities and pharmaceutical studies. The M950 is smaller and lighter, while maintaining the durability that you expect from a GLA Thermometer, with an anodized aluminum box and sealed USB charger port. Allows USB Communication capability through the use of a terminal emulation program. Using a terminal emulation program will allow both the storage and output of data. With an extended battery life, you can even check the remaining battery % on your screen.


  • GLA M950 Thermometer
  • GLA M207R Right Angle Probe
  • GLA C965 USB Wall Charger
  • H909 Leather Case
  • GLA M950 Instructions
  • USB Communication Cable


  • 8 to 15 Second Temperature
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius Temperature Mode
  • Peak Hold Temperature Mode (indicated by PEAK)
  • Continuous Temperature Mode (indicated by CONT)
  • Self-Check Display
    • Battery Voltage / Battery strength percentage
    • Probe attached – none
    • Probe attached – Active
    • Charging – Yes or No
    • Internal temperature (for diagnostic assistance)
    • Cal Number (for diagnostic assistance)
    • Self-Test Passed (for diagnostic assistance)
  • Charging Indicator on LCD Display
  • Battery Voltage Indicator on LCD Display
  • “Please attach probe” message if no probe attached
  • “Probe Error Please Try Another Probe” if damaged probe attached
  • Automatic shut-off after can be set by user in the Menu Screen 5 / 15 / 30 / 60 minutes or none
  • Storage of eight (8) saved temperatures
  • Turns ON by touching any menu icons
  • Turns OFF by holding “Menu/Off” for 4 seconds